Our goal at Tina Davies Studio is to ensure that you receive the best results from your treatment. To achieve the best results, your skin must be healthy, strong, and non-irritated. 

How is the eyeliner done?
Your artist will use a machine to permanently implant pigment into the eyelid skin after numbing thoroughly. The colour will be tattooed into the lash line and above the lashes for a result that brings your eyes forward and makes them stand out. The liner is pre-drawn to show you what the outcome will like like.

Does it hurt?
A topical anesthetic is applied for 20 minutes prior to the treatment to reduce discomfort and promote relaxation. Most people report a "scratching" sensation that is tolerable. People with sensitive skin may experience more sensation, but again, the sensation is tolerable.

How do you determine the design of the eyeliner?
The eyeliner will be designed to your request-bold, natural or subtle. The choice is yours. We will work with you to achieve a look that best suits your lifestyle and needs.

How long does it take?
It takes approximately 20 minutes per eye..

What colours are used?
We recommend dark colours such as black or charcoal for maximum impact and definition. Light colours are not recommended as they tend to look “faded”.

My eyelid skin is wrinkled. Am I a good candidate?
As long as your skin is healthy and in good condition without any eye irritations, you can qualify for the eyeliner procedure. However, if your skin is extremely loose, you will not be a good candidate. Most women over 60 years are poor candidates due to skin laxity..

I am wearing eyelash extensions. Can I still get the eyeliner procedure done?
Eyelash extensions must be removed prior to eyeliner treatment. They can be reapplied after two weeks.

What is the recovery time and what can I expect after the treatment?
The eyes will will be puffy for approximately 3 days post procedure, similar to the appearance of eyes after a good cry. Cold compresses are recommend immediately after the procedure to greatly reduce swelling. Most swelling will go away by day 4.

I am using an eyelash growth serum. Can I still get the eyeliner procedure done?
No. Eyelash growth serums such as Latisse or other OTC brands must be discontinued for 8 months prior to the eyeliner procedure to reduce the risk of bruising/migration.

Can I workout and wear eye makeup after the procedure?

No. Working out can cause swelling and is not allowed for 1 week post procedure to ensure beautifully healed results. Makeup application must be avoided for one week to avoid any bacterial buildup in the area.

    What are the aftercare instructions?
    For one week post treatment, it is important to clean the area daily and apply the provided aftercare gel to promote healing. Cold compress should be applied for a minimum of 1 hour to reduce swelling immediately after the procedure.