Tina Davies

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Being a permanent eyebrow makeup artist is something that I take very seriously - we share a great responsibility for our client's welfare and their results. This is my art, my passion.

I strive to help women feel confident and look picture-perfect every day with natural-looking permanent makeup that enhances their facial features. My soft yet elegant accenting suits the most discerning tastes and the colours and shapes I use are designed to blend into your face in a natural, subtle way.

I carefully select and use only the finest tools and products available and constantly further my education to learn cutting-edge techniques. From initial consultations to procedures and after-care, I endeavour to build relationships with my clients, keeping them informed and confident in their appearance.

When we meet, I'll take the time to answers any questions you may have, and I'll ensure your experience is as relaxed and comfortable as possible. I'll discuss all available colour and style options and advise on the perfect design options to compliment you. After all, my focus is to provide you with a level of service and professionalism that is unparalleled in the field of permanent cosmetics.


Permanent makeup had been good to me and I wanted to improve the art by building disposable microblading tools that enabled everyone to do their best work. I wanted to create tools that artists could use confidently and that I could be proud of- today I am proud to see my tools crafting beautiful results all over the world.