Ten Steps for a Smooth Appointment

Many of us love making lists, I know I do! It helps us to check if we are prepared for upcoming events or tasks and reassures us that we are doing everything we can to have an easy-going day, every day. We decided to put together a list of our top-ten steps for a smooth appointment at Tina Davies Studio. This way, you can tick each box to ensure a smooth-sailing, easy-breezy appointment.



  1. Cease use of hair growth serums on the area of your procedure (eyebrows or eyeliner area) for SIX MONTHS prior to your appointment. The reason for this is that hair growth serums, like Latisse, work by increasing circulation and blood flow to your skin to help stimulate hair growth. This is great if you want brows like Timothee Chalamet or lashes like Kim Kardashian, but it’s not so great once you go through a permanent makeup procedure as the excess blood in that area will cause you to bleed excessively during your procedure which can hinder your healed results (and make the appointment super uncomfortable).
  2. Don’t tweeze, wax or tint your eyebrows for ONE WEEK prior to your procedure. In fact, the more natural hair there, the better! Your artist can clean and groom any excess hair once your shape has been determined. It’s better for your artist to see your natural eyebrows so they can make a colour choice based on what will work for you long-term.
  3. Don’t tan (or burn!) for TWO WEEKS prior to your service. Your artist will want to see your natural skin tone so that they can pick a colour that will suit you year-round. Plus, if your skin is sensitive from sun exposure you are going to feel more uncomfortable during your appointment.  Wear SPF50 or higher on your face if you are going to be in the sun, and keep a hat and sunglasses nearby to help protect your skin for two weeks before and after your appointment.
  4. Avoid facials of any kind for TWO WEEKS prior to your service. That goes for micro-needling too. We don’t want freshly exfoliated baby-like skin to suffer at all during your appointment, so make sure to book that facial more than two weeks before or two weeks after your procedure to prevent any extra sensitivity.
  5. No botox or fillers for TWO WEEKS before your procedure. The reason for this is that there is downtime required for the botox/filler to settle in your body. We don’t want to tattoo your eyebrows on freshly botoxed skin only for them to droop down weeks later!
  6. Do not consume fish oil or vitamin E tablets for ONE WEEK prior to your service. Fish oil and Vitamin E are natural blood-thinners which will cause you to bleed more than usual during your procedure.
  7. Avoid consuming anything containing caffeine, alcohol or any other blood thinners for 24 HOURS before your appointment. That includes medication containing aspirin or ibuprofen. Starbucks can wait!
  8. Don’t work out on the day of your procedure. When you work out, blood rushes throughout your body and sometimes it can take a number of hours to return to a regular state. We don’t want any excess blood to affect your procedure so it’s best to skip the gym on the day of your appointment. As well as this, sweating will cause your pores to open up, which could result in blurry-looking microblading/hair-strokes.
  9. Plan your journey to our studio 24 HOURS before your appointment. If it’s your first time coming to our studio, check out our helpful Directions page on our website where we have videos showing how to get to our studio by car or subway. Don’t leave it to the last minute to find out where to park or what subway stop to get off at, as this may result in you arriving late to your appointment.. Don’t be that guy! Speaking of which…
  10. Arrive 30 MINUTES early to your appointment. We ask that you arrive at least 30 minutes before your appointment so that you have adequate time for numbing and to fill out a consent form before your appointment begins. It’s our policy that every client must fill out a consent form before their appointment. This ensures that you are fully-informed before your procedure begins, and to ensure that we have the correct contact and medical details for you on file. If you arrive late, you will still need to fill out a form which will delay your appointment start time - meaning that your appointment will be cut short. We run a busy studio with a packed schedule, so we cannot delay appointments that will impact other clients who arrived on time. Arriving late will also decrease your numbing time before your appointment which means you may feel more sensitive throughout the procedure (ouch!), so please arrive early. We have comfortable couches, relaxing music and calming scents throughout our studio so you can spend 30 minutes chilling before your procedure and leave feeling like you spent the day at a spa!

So, now you know the ten steps to take before your appointment. If there is anything else you’re unsure about don’t hesitate to contact us directly by phone at 416-291-4188 or email studio@tinadavies.com.